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About the Montréal 1976 Olympic Collection

The Montréal 1976 Olympics was possibly the largest sporting event ever held on Canadian soil. From the moment the International Olympic Committee selected Montréal as the host city on May 12, 1970, to the moment the Olympic flame was extinguished on August 1, 1976, Canada was buzzing with activity as its citizens welcomed the world to their country for the first time since the wildly-successful Expo 67.

However, things rarely go off without a hitch. A massive effort took place behind the scenes to guarantee that athletes and visitors had venues to visit and rooms to rent. Scores of volunteers had to be recruited to make sure that events ran as smoothly as possible. Politicians and organizers worked tirelessly in an attempt to balance an ever-growing budget.

The Montréal 1976 Olympic collection aims to highlight the history of Canada's first and only summer Olympic games. Source documents, artifacts, and memorabilia are exhibited on this website to illustrate exactly how much work went into the execution and promotion of this large-scale event.

The curator, Taylor J. Smith, has been collecting Montréal 1976 memorabilia for over a decade. His interests in Canadian history and Canadiana served as motivating factors to start this unique collection.


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The design of this website was inspired by a similar website: Otl Aicher and the 1972 Munich Olympics.


Thank you very much for considering a donation to the Montréal 1976 Olympic collection. Any material relating to the Montréal 1976 Olympics is welcomed. At the moment, only physical items will be evaluated for donation; financial donations are kind, but not accepted. All accepted donations will be added to this website along with a description, high-definition photo, and acknowledgement to the donator. Please contact me to discuss details.

Exhibitions and Loans

Items from the Montréal 1976 Olympic collection may be available for loan to those who are organizing or curating a show or project related to Montréal, the Olympics, Canada, graphic design, or related topics. Please contact me if you are interested.

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